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10 Celebrity closet ballads

Those who like to follow the street style trends know that celebrities are big protagonists with well-designed looks and guided by the best personal stylists. So we thought it would be a good idea to look in this source for the perfect inspiration for you who still do not know what to wear to make it beautiful in a ballad.

10 Celebrity closet ballads

Rosie Huntington

If the ballad follows a more chic style, it is worth the fine line and bet on the black jumpsuit. You guarantee a trendy and sophisticated look in seconds and you are certain to have made the best choice with such a joker.

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10 Celebrity closet ballads

Kourtney Kardashian

For those who appreciate a more sensual footprint in the evening look, it’s worth it to bet on the already classic blouse with black transparency and complete the production with other pieces of the same color. If the goal is to put more emphasis on the visual, it is worth investing in an article contrasting with the black. It’s really cool!

10 Celebrity closet ballads

Madison Beer

Mixing powerful pieces with casual items is an interesting way that celebrities find to ensure that funky effect effortlessly. So you know, right? Sneakers, leather pants, vinyl top and jean jacket can help you compose this combo!

10 Celebrity closet ballads

Selana Gomez

Take the opportunity to dare with an impact piece. A brightly colored skirt with this powerful slit will certainly give an elegant look. Finally, play with different styles, and see how the shortened shoe and the thin tip gave a more authentic result.

10 Celebrity closet ballads

Kaia Gerber

If your style is more refined, you can combine dress and sneakers. If you are a little cold, you can finish the production with this stylish sweater that girls love.

10 Celebrity closet ballads


The combination of an elongated t-shirt and an ankle boot is an intelligent trick that allows many celebrities to bet in a simple and practical way. To add extra charm, it’s worth it to finish the production with a fun beret.

10 Celebrity closet ballads

Taylor Swift

The top track, where will it fall, is it super joker in the ballad because it gives a look both casual and daring? Look how the piece fell like a glove in the all-black composition with leather skirt and long coat? Sensual and elegant in good measure!

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10 Celebrity closet ballads

Hailey Baldwin

Who loves to chat in the night at night deserves to copy this idea of ​​joining dress and red shoes and to finalize everything with a good leather jacket that leaves everything fresh!

10 Celebrity closet ballads

Bella Hadid

Want to wear this gingerbread dress in the ballad look? So be sure to get a good weight with an elegant belt and a good coturno. Celebrities approve!

10 Celebrity closet ballads

Kendall Jenner

This vintage leather jacket from the 90s or 00s can make all the difference in your ballad. Did you see how the piece guaranteed a simple-looking attitude with shorts and jeans? The holographic boot was another item that counted the stitches. Leave, test now!

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