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10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

Some women cry for their hair, others take great care of it; but at the end of the day absolutely all the curly-haired girls end up loving their curls. The curls are what today, but in specific 100% natural curls. Even by 2015, “natural hair” became a social movement that drove African-American women to keep their curly hair without touching the afro texture that characterizes it, since for decades women with this type of hair used to spend time and money in “fix Item”. Therefore, now more than ever we love our curls; And even if we can make them bigger and bigger, better! That’s why we give you these 10 reasons why a mane of curls is the best accessory.

1. You can create many styles of hairstyle with your curls

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

There are plenty of styles to match your hair; you can wash, comb and leave the curls completely natural, or you can mix styles between braids, horsetails, chongos and handkerchiefs. The choice is yours, and it will depend on your mood.

2. You will never go unnoticed among people

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

You will always be recognized among the people, because your hair of a lion can not go unnoticed. Your curls will always be a guarantee to make you notice where, whenever; but if at any moment you are bothered by so much attention, with a pair of braids gathered, your curls will remain as a formal hairstyle at night.

3. Less is more in matter of hair products

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

Less is more when you have curly hair, since it will not be so important what product you use and the quantity, in fact it is the correct portion, that is why it is recommended in most cases that products like anti-frizz or mouse for the hair to be used later when the hair is still wet.

4. Men love to play with your hair

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

There is nothing that drives a man madder than when you play with your mane; This will always enchant you, you will even see your curls as a part of you that at the same time is independent, so you will love to see you play with them as if it were a seduction.

5. Requires less care than other hair types

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

The reality is that curly hair does not need to wash with shampoo every day, as experts recommend much more use only conditioner daily. This non-shampoo method is used more and more among women with curly hair, but it is only recommended not to do it if your hair is too greasy.

6. You will always have a lot of volume

There are straight-haired women who suffer from not achieving absolutely no volume in their hair; however, you will always look stunning with the volume of your curls. Surely all your friends with straight hair envy your hair to the point of wanting to touch, but if there is something that we do not like curly volume women is to touch our hair, so you better recommend your friends to make the base of curls to not make them feel bad.

7. Your curly hair is part of your personality

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

The movement, the volume and the hairstyles that you can make with them are part of your personality, that’s why when you iron your hair you change so much that even your friends will not recognize you at first sight, and generally they will always tell you that they like you more. your natural curls

8. Curls are your best accessory

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

When you want to play with your look, your curls are your best allies; You can do many things with them and they will always look beautiful. You have the ability to play with your curls as if they were part of your outfit. When you have curls and you want them to be defined, it will be best if you try

9. Your hair will be the most beautiful by nature

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

That is to say that even if you iron, dry it, fix it, in the end you will end up accepting that your curls are best natural, so they become part of a self-confidence test, because you must feel safe with the curls that you have, like it or not. When you begin to realize how beautiful they are naturally, you will stop worrying about whether they look too “fluffy” or with frizz.

10. People will always press that you are more stubborn

10 Fabulous advantages of having curly hair

Just like your hair, stubborn and hard to control; it’s just like people will think it’s your personality, even if it has nothing to do with what you really are, because what really happens is that your hair projects security in yourself.

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