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10 What girls wear in the spring

Who benefits from spring to change their look and invest in more vivid and casual combinations? Here, we love to know what our favorite girls are doing during the hottest season of the year and we always take this inspiration to heart. As it is traditional in this blog to show the main trends of our Brazilian muses over the seasons, we have made a selection of other elements that pump.

10 What girls wear in the spring

Jade Seba and several other influencers prove the power of the colorful striped skirt, which increases any type of production. Have you seen how the simple look with a white blouse and sneakers brings a special touch to the trendy garment?

10 What girls wear in the spring

Denim shorts are not going anywhere! If it depends on muses like Cris Paladino who manage to leave the controversial piece with a super cool look, this trend will still give a lot to talk about.

10 What girls wear in the spring
@ nathaliebillio

We recently published an article touting the most fashionable set of the moment and we are wordless to describe this custom junction lined with a dash of dazzling magenta color. You have violated Nathalie Billio!

10 What girls wear in the spring

Speaking in concert, more casual versions of tropical prints remain a bet of the season. What do you think of this sexy and cool version of Gabriela Sales?

10 What girls wear in the spring

Have you noticed that vertical stripes have everything, right? And nothing better than Nathan de Leon to lift the combination with the pattern and leave everything more chic with his two-strap sandal and white belt buckle.

10 What girls wear in the spring
@ Maybrumm

The midi-print printed skirt, a springtime classic, combines the most modern vibe with the help of black Vans sneakers and a t-shirt with Little. He undertook to test this brilliant idea of ​​Mayara Brum.

10 What girls wear in the spring

If the button skirt is not enough, you also have the opportunity to play looks with a button dress. Larissa Cunegundes proves how the piece adds a new look to the look, just a white basketball for a stylish and trendy look.

10 What girls wear in the spring

Ju Romano took advantage of the sewing wave in the casual look to create a special combination of pink rose blazer and light pink tramp shorts. We loved this tone on the modern tone, gave life to the visual and the production remained comfortable.

10 What girls wear in the spring
@ jessicabelcost

What about the little monkey with the tropical print that leaves us in the mood of the season? Jessica Belcost took a metallized ricochet and destroyed it.

10 What girls wear in the spring
@ yaah

Rainbow fever has marked its indispensable presence in the spring, which makes it a cool asset even in the simplest productions. What did you think about this basic and precise combo with a rainbow T-shirt + a button-down denim skirt + white sneakers that Yasmin Fassbinder has prepared?

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