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8 Trends for powerful looks

Betting on trends is always a way to look up. We guarantee this touch of novelty and always show that it is listening to what is happening on the fashion scene. There are, however, some trends that not only fulfill their role as fashionista, but also bring personality to the eye and leave everything more powerful.

8 Trends for powerful looks


Animal prints, although they are a classic of our clothes, have been noticed in recent seasons. And we understand very well why, the piece has a footprint both sexy and fashionista and brings a touch of attitude to basic productions. It’s a perfect option to increase the casual look and the more elegant combo.

2 red boot

8 Trends for powerful looks


Enjoy this winter still shows the presence in our tropical lands and abuse the red boot. The piece is that perfect color point to guarantee fashion information to your look simply and accurately. The look does not become heavy, and you can take these combinations in neutral shades of the common.

3-band t-shirt

8 Trends for powerful looks


It is certain that the t-shirt of the group has always been present in the closet staff with a more alternative style, but we will agree that currently, the product has reached the unimaginable status of fashionistas and no longer leaves the girls look . The reason is that the article becomes a comfortable, practical and versatile option to make the look more interesting. The look is with this rocker vibe and you can bet on several different combinations.

4 vinyl skirt

8 Trends for powerful looks


An inseparable ally of fashionistas who like to stand out, the vinyl skirt is that kind of piece that gives immediate power to the look. You can do the test, insert the piece in a simple combination with a sweater or t-shirt and check out the super tuned and glamorous effect of the item. That is, there is no way to resist.

5 maxi earrings

8 Trends for powerful looks


The maxi earring becomes the detail that makes all the difference in the look. A powerful accessory to enhance the look simpler or to give even more style to the elaborate look. Fashionable productions with a minimalist imprint can also enter this wave, the maxi brindo becoming even more important in this type of proposal.

6 metal shoes

8 Trends for powerful looks


Whether in sneakers, tie-pin or in a sandal with two stripes more discreet, the fact is that the metallic color always ensures power to any type of shoe. And therefore, the look with the metal part also gains personality and a touch of sophistication.

7 trench coat

8 Trends for powerful looks

Strong trend of all winters, the Trech coat is the most versatile elegant coat that we can have in the wardrobe. The article brings a super-aligned look to the look and leaves everything glamorous. Even looks with jeans or sneakers have a more sophisticated vibe. That is to say that you can invest so that there is no mistake!

Printed bag

8 Trends for powerful looks


Is there anything better than investing in a play that looks like you? The embossed pouch fulfills this function very well. Following a more fun and casual line, clothing that falls in the fashion girls’ tune is this key element that you include in the visu to ensure a livelier and cooler result.

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