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9 What girls wear in winter

Alas, there is winter! You may have noticed that we like the coldest season of the year, but we have several reasons for that. Who likes to drive looks fashionistas, knows that this season is the one that favors the look with additional production. You can invest in boots, coats, sweatshirts, knitwear, headwear, scarves and throw yourself over.

9 What girls wear in winter

Ali Santos is a trendsetter and knows that the animal print jacket has become one of the successes of the season. And nothing better than to complete a room with as much appeal for fashion as investing in basic supplements, for a causal result but zero annoying.

9 What girls wear in winter

Gabriela Sales made the line comfortable and took advantage of the best pair of travel in the world: sweatshirts and leggings. The sneakers printed in white guaranteed a touch of style in the look. The result was simple but very elegant.

9 What girls wear in winter

Luisa Accorsi did not get rid of the military green parka she shot last winter and proves that the article continues to finalize the look in a well-fitting fashion.

9 What girls wear in winter

Nati Vozza wanted to bring a touch of glamor to the basiquinho combo with jeans, a coturno and a sweater and used glitter embroidery to achieve this more chic effect.

9 What girls wear in winter

If you’re looking for a more powerful look this winter, do like Raiza Marinari and play in leather + leather. The look is full of personality!

9 What girls wear in winter

If you have a girl who knows how to propose different ideas of cold research, it is Jade Seba. Discuss if the mix of sweater + hair + mid skirt + may boot was not accurate for out of the box production and mega cool?

9 What girls wear in winter

Bianca Petry, always very chic, decided to give up this simple production with a white coat and jeans putting the fur coat and the coturno for the game. It’s up to you that you want to make sure of style without having the air too hard.

9 What girls wear in winter

Viih Rocha, daring, decided to show his legs in a proposal of pumping style in the style of the street. The sweatshirt making the dress is a hit among girls and our muse took the opportunity to finish the look with a shoe and ensure a comfortable result.

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