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Tips for lengthening the silhouette

If there was any doubt that most celebrities have this fashionista vein that moves the street style and makes us more attentive, we heal it today. show how many of our muses guarantee a longer look in a simple and unpretentious way. Victoria Beckham, Lupita Nyong’o, Jessica Alba and many other celebrities invest in tricks to get a longer silhouette. So stay with us because we will reveal some just below:

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Kourtney Kardashian

Who is short knows the power of this combination: short top + high waist pants. The duo gives the impression that the torso is a little smaller and that the legs are longer. This helps balance those who feel that the body is flattened with most modeling clothes.

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Jessica Alba

A piece not to be missed in the closet of those who wish to lengthen the silhouette but do not want to suffer from uncomfortable heels is undoubtedly the platform sandal. The shoe is perfect to be used with these pants that have the very large bar or with mini length clothes. The combinations are simple but the result is very elegant.

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Olive Blame

Is it better to cut the look longer than a good slit? This sexy detail allows the legs to become more apparent, giving the impression that they are much longer. That is, you can bet there is no mistake.

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Victoria Beckham

Here is one of the simplest tricks to get a longer look: invest in nude shoes. They maintain a continuity in the bottom of the gaze that makes it more harmonious, without cuts or flattenings.

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Shay Mitchell

Speaking of visual continuity, betting on monochrome combinations is a good demand to give productions that more sophisticated and longer air. As there is no color variation, it is easier to bet on pieces of different lengths and on even more daring models without running the risk of reducing the silhouette.

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Lupita Nyong’o

Just as high-waisted pants are perfect for stretching the body of those with shorter legs, the checkered look also brings that effect. Therefore, bet on combinations of pants, jumpsuits, skirts and long dresses containing this detail.

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Emily Ratajkowski

If you like long coats or kimonos, but fear the flattening effect they can generate, it is advisable to create a contrast in the look with a shorter piece. This helps to leave more skin on the screen and ensures that the combination stays in balanced proportions.

Tips for lengthening the silhouette
Bella Hadid

Another tip that you can invest with mini-pieces of length is this combination with a scarpin. The long effect of this combo is due to both legs that become more apparent in the shape of the shoe with a thin beak. The result of this blend is accurate for a double lengthened look.

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